Our registration platform is designed specially for sport ticketing, which have a different requirements from other events. It is fully automated so that race organizers scan spend more time on other important tasks.

​CheckPointSpot proven platform has processed more than 1 million transactions in multiple countries.

​It is more than a ticketing platform, but a solution for you to manage and grow your race for years to come.

1. For all types of sport events

  • Supports Individual & Team registrations.

  • Ideal for physical or virtual races.

2. Multi-currency payment

  • Our ticketing platform is integrated to local bank payments from multiple countries in the region.

3. Fundraising

  • Many international races and non-profit organization have used our fundraising module to raise more funds for their event.

4. Increase revenue

  • Our platform supports add-ons sales of merchandise, VIP package, travel package, donation, etc.

5. Race Marketing

  • Get participants to promote your event

  • Supports Running Clubs & Community Marketing

  • Supports Influencer Marketing

  • Supports Corporates & Sponsors Marketing

6. Loyalty

  • Supports priority or discounted registration for previous year participants.

7. Communications

  • Keep your participants updated about your race through our email blast.

8. Login dashboard

  • Get access to your personal dashboard to view real-time information of your race.